No war but the class war

War, all kinds of wars, religious and national wars, wars between states and global corporations are all against oppressed people, it attacks their living means, it attacks their will and ability, in order  to subjugate them to the will of oppressors, to the will of the authorities, the capitalists.

We are the oppressed, wherever we are, continuously within our social activities, face the various wars of our class enemies, such as political, military, media, ideological and poverty wars. Unemployment and wage cuts, the war of homelessness and the high price of daily life, the war of sexism, chauvinism, racism and fascism,the wars against the world populations, forced displacements and discrimination and rejection of refugees. Our life is a permanent and a total war.

Russia’s war and attack on Ukraine is not a new war, in our opinion, this war is a continuation of the previous wars; the war and genocide of indigenous Americans, Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians , Africans… the war between Iran-Iraq, the invasion of Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, and the conflicts in Syria, Libya, Somalia, etc. like in previous wars, the objective is to control and maintain the contradictions between work and capital, to expand and provide markets for the commodity needs, for experimentations and to develop new weapons, bombs and other military equipment.

However, it is not clear what the outcome of this war would be and where else it will reach; whether it reaches the point of using atomic weapons, produces more genocides, destroying cities and countries, or not. But what is clear to us is the outcome of the war, as in previous wars, no matter how it ends, it always produces losses of workers and oppressed people on both sides, whether in terms of casualties, in term of social destructions, in terms of creating dissensions and reinforcing the spirit of nationalism and racism, or in terms of destroying unity, cooperation and class solidarity between the workers of both sides, it will always end up harming the oppressed of the world. It will raise the price of supplies by raising the price of oil, Diesel and gas. The consequences of the war, will produce nationalism and racism between the Ukrainians and the Russians.

We know that all kinds of wars are generated by the capitalist system, so we stand against the system itself and the very foundation of the state, we stand against all state agencies, corporations and banks, and we do not support any side of war. At the same time, we express our sympathy and support for the victims of war, for the workers, for the oppressed people of both countries, for our anarchist friends, and libertarians of Ukraine and Russia. Also, from lessons drawn from our experience, we know that we can only end the wars through unity, co-operation, desertion from the battle fronts and by turning our weapons towards the palaces of the rulers, against the interests and sovereignty of the war creators.

No to war, killing, and authority

Yes to the support and struggle of the oppressed revolutionaries against the class domination.

Our war against the rulers and their capitalist corporations is a global social war.

Kurdish-speaking Anarchist Forum

25 February 2022

نا بۆ جەنگ، جگە لە جەنگی دژە-چینایەتیی

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