Support of the Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum for the mass uprisings in Iran

Support of the Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum for the mass uprisings in Iran

Anarchists have always supported and will support spontaneous mass movement and uprisings. Spontaneous mass uprisings are a sign of rising level of discontent, resistance and self-consciousness of the oppressed against the dominant system and the authorities. Although the protests, riots and uprisings may take different names and colours, in the content they are resistance to oppression, resistance to the brutality of the authorities and rejection of the oppressive system.

It is true that the reason for the uprising of the oppressed in Iranian cities was the murder of Mahsa Amini (a 22-year-old Kurdish girl) who had traveled to Tehran with her family and was arrested by the authorities who allegedly accused her of improper behavior in regards to the compulsory hijab law and later died as the result of the beating. This tragic death has shown again the brutality of the authorities and it shook the world. However, the message of this uprising was both a protest against Mahsa’s killing and a very radical border breaking message to Iran and the world that the oppressed, regardless of their language, ethnicity, race, colour and personal characteristics, are oppressed by one class enemy and one system.

This uprising has broken the boundaries of previous uprisings in terms of consciousness, activities and goal, rejecting the myth of nationalism, a strong response to the political parties that each paints the oppression by their respective ideologies and each directs the protests according to their particular interests. This uprising was not only a message to the oppressors in Iran, but also to all the oppressors in the world. It was mainly a message to all the oppressed that the oppression has not got a nation, a race, a gender or a nationality They have one enemy: their own class existence, the class society and the class domination; They have one basic and common goal: it’s to liberate life and existence from oppression and threats of destruction, to liberate the world from the oppression of capitalists and the tyranny of politicians.

We, as the Kurdish-Speaking anarchist forum, consider ourselves part of the protests of all the oppressed people of the world everywhere and we support and participate as much as possible in all protests, resistance, self-organization and uprising against this class society and its system at all levels.

The present general protests and uprisings have been a sudden and effective step towards a global unity of the oppressed, while rejecting the attempts of politicians and parties to divide and fragment the protests and turn them into canon fodders through competitions for authority building.

We extend our condolences to the family and friends of Mahsa Amini and the victims of the demonstrations.

Long live the struggle and the uprisings of the oppressed in Iranian cities

Long live the unity of the exploited class struggles

Defeat to the efforts of the ruling party and to those in the opposition

Death to Class sovereignty in all its names and its colors

The Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum

23 September 2022



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