We condemn the Turkish state attack and invasion of the Iraqi Kurdistan

We condemn the Turkish state attack and invasion of the Iraqi Kurdistan

At the time when the Covid-19 is spread around the world and is a huge threat to people’s lives, a few days ago (16/06) the Turkish state launched an aggressive attack on Iraqi Kurdistan and invaded many villages and small towns.  In its intensive attack, both from the sky and on the land, it so far killed many innocent people, livestock, and destroyed anything they had: their houses their villages and lands. Their justification for this massive attack is defending their borders and fighting against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, PKK.

We are not only against the military assault by the Turkish state, but in fact we are against any use of wars to solve disputes, agreements, settlements, or any other matters.  We only support using weapons in self-defence, as defending people’s rights, their lands, and their nature.

As a matter of principle we, Kurdish-speaking Libertarians, are against all the assassins and we are against all the decisions that are imposed on people through the force or wars, against putting them under pressure and  disturbing, destroying their peace and freedom. We demand a peaceful life, justice and equality for all people in the world.

Unfortunately, the civilian people in Kurdistan, helpless at resisting violent forces, like the Turkish state and the political militias. And neither the Kurdish militias who belong to Kurdistan Reginal Government, KRG, nor the Iraqi government do not want to resist the Turkish forces. They do not want to disturb and unbalance the interests of tyrannies in the region.  They are sharing the mutual economic, political, and cultural interests, as they are all part of the same capitalist system. But we, as Libertarians, cannot be silent in the face of this terrible atrocities.

We can and we should raise our voice and do whatever possible, whether it is in defending the life of a black person in the US or supporting the movement of Black Lives Matter (BLM).  We can also be and should be against any military confrontation between the US and Iran, between both Korean countries and India and China or any other wars between the countries. In view of this and of our principle that we are against all kinds of suppression of freedom and repression of poor people and working class. We are in favour and demanding the protection of the principles of peaceful society, togetherness, live in harmony and in total humanity. We are against invading the rights of individuals and societies and against the abuse of power in violating and crossing the borders illegally. This, in our view, is the red line: neither any state nor their militia should be allowed to invade people’s peaceful and normal life.

What is happening now in front of the eyes of the “International Community” is a genocide, it is a terrible atrocity. The Turkish state is an immensely powerful state and have a powerful and sophisticated army. It is the second powerful force in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, it uses all their power, under the name of “Tiger’s Claws” against people in Iraqi Kurdistan.

We denounce this not just because we are Kurdish- speaking people, but as Libertarians too. We believe the peace and normal life of people do not emerge from the mouths and the sounds of weapons that cannot achieve and never will achieve normality and harmony to people’s life. That only happens through acknowledging each other, valuing each other and through cooperation.

Finally, we ask all Libertarians to raise their voices and stand up through whatever possible mean against all kinds of military confrontations, invasions and against the militia of political parties and the states.  We call our comrades, wherever they are, to stand up against the aggressive Turkish state that overtly and indiscriminately killing everybody in the Kurdish areas especially those who live in the villages that are on the border.

The support and solidarity with innocent people can be done in different ways. It can be through launching complaints, expressing anger and frustration, protests, and demonstrations. The best kind of support and solidarity is boycotting all the goods that are made in Turkey and by Turkish companies wherever they are. Boycotting its media, universities, language colleges and stopping holiday bookings to Turkey.  While Turkey has got so many interests in Iraqi Kurdistan the boycott is very effective.  Turkey has hundreds of companies plus colleges, shops, factories there, and it is the main country for Kurdish holiday makers.  In short Iraqi Kurdistan is one of the main market for the Turkish capitalists and the others.  Boycotting Turkey and the Turkish goods can also put pressure on the Kurdistan Reginal Government, KRG, Iraq and the foreign companies to meet people’s demand.

While we are supporting the struggle of Kurdish people against the Turkish assault and invasion of Kurdistan, in the meantime we support and offer our solidarity to their struggle against the KRG to achieve their demands.

Kurdish-speaking Libertarians

19th June 2020

وەڵامێک بنووسە

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