The protest in Iran

The protest in Iran

16th November 2019

People in Iran by their uprising shows the real solidarity to Iraqi people and people in Lebanon.

It’s starting again! Protest have now spread to over 50 cities!

Protests over fuel prices have spread to over 50 cities in Iran on day 2.

More than 10 protester have been killed and many injured.

On Friday 15th the Iranian government decided for a three-fold increase in the price of gasoline which immediately triggered a series of angry protests, mainly in the cities of the oil-rich Khuzestan, southwest Iran. On the second day, protests spread to over 50 cities .

Protesters chanted slogans against the Islamic regime like:

“Down with dictator!”

“Islamic government, we don’t want it!”

“Have shame dictator, leave the country alone!”

“Have shame Rouhani, leave the country alone!”

” We will get our rights!”

“Gasoline price have increased, making the impoverished poorer!”

Police repression has escalated quickly. One video shows a protester being killed in Shiraz and many have been severely injure. Also in Sanandaj and Marivan few protesters being killed and many been injured.

Protesters attacked and set fire to petrol stations, banks, police stations and others government offices in many cities.

#Free_Iran_Workers #IranUprising #WorkersRevolution #ResistCapitalism #اعتراضات_سراسری #FreeAllPoliticalPrisonersInIran #کارگران_هفت_تپه #سپیده_قلیان #اسماعیل_بخشی #امیرحسین_محمدی_فرد #ساناز_اله_یاری #امیر_امیرقلی #عسل_محمدی #علی_نجاتی #

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