Protests and Politics in Pakistan


Protests and Politics in Pakistan

LAHORE: Thousands of students on Friday held Students Solidarity March, joined by various social groups including teachers, lawyers, activists, and members of political parties in more than 50 cities across the country.

The students demanded an increase in the higher education budget, better transportation facilities, and services on the campuses, reduced tuition fees, end to harassment of students at the universities, and, above all, a better quality of education. Students were carrying the placards with slogans demanding the restoration of student unions in the country, the foremost demand of the march.

Activist and academic Ammar Ali Jan said that there could be no feeling more beautiful than seeing your students learning what you’ve been teaching them. “These students are acting as responsible citizens. They’re finally raising their voice which was being suppressed for the last 35 years. Support for the march has been expressed by both opposition and the government. However, we believe that tweeting in our support is not enough. The government should give us a time-table for the restoration of the student unions”,

One of the student in her speech said “You divided us. You depoliticised us. You separated us from our Pashtun, Baloch, Seraiki, Kashmiri, and Gilgiti brethren. We reject your politics of divide. We will not do deals in the drawing rooms. We will continue protesting till the student unions are restored”,

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