The Man Who’s Waiting for Service, May Seclude Himself Instead of The Woman!

The day of women’s act and struggle against the violence all around the world, 25th November is upcoming… This year, we will be on the streets again, while feeling inside the anger surrounded by hope, a motto uprising on our tongues, with our determination for what we want. For our lives, for our freedom.”

The Man Who’s Waiting for Service, May Seclude Himself Instead of The Woman!

“Male makes a living, female cooks.”

This has always been taught the women like a constant rule, since the ancient times of patriarchy occurred. To our mothers, to their mothers, to the mothers of their mothers… The man scolded the woman right after he came home after working outside whole day. He scolded her, because he got tired all day and he was in a bad mood. Then he expected dinner, he expected care, he expected love, he expected service… he expected, because it was the man working all day long, it was the man bringing money home at the end of month.

And the woman used to wait the man’s coming at home, as she has been taught for centuries. She used to clean the house, she used to cook, she used to iron, she used to look after. She used to, because… She didn’t know as well, really, why was she doing that all?

Because, she was taught so. For years, she has seen the indoor labor had no value, the woman’s duty was serving the man, the indoor violence on secluded women was invisible, man had the right to oppress woman in this system.

Ayşe Doğan was killed when she said “Get it yourself.” instead of giving the salt to the man she was married for 25 years, you see… Later on, the killer guy said; “I’m repentant, I was the victim of my sudden anger.”…

That Ayşe is our riot. That Ayşe is the end of our patience outflowing to the streets, she is the rage of all women who were secluded like Ayşe. We don’t except to be locked in the houses where they use violent, reduced us to servants, oppress, behaving us like we are their property.

The man who waits for service may seclude himself; we choose our freedom!

The Women Defending Their Lives Can’t Be Prisoned, Close the Jails and the “Justice” Palaces!

State; the power owner, it is in power and it tyrannizes the ones it dominates. The history of the states is related to the history of patriarchy, as well as it is related to the history of the injustice that women undergone in society.

Çilem Doğan is just one of the women who knows that the justice of the state is based on injustice, especially when the women are in question, the injustice becomes double. Çilem, whom the state was trying to imprison as she had killed the guy who tried to sell her, threatened her with death tons of times, said that: “I’ve walked a lot in the hallways of this courthouse with a purple face for the protection order. I had no other choice.”

Anyway, whenever the women apply to the state to get rid of the violence they are in, they are exposed to violence again, at each step of the state mechanisms they apply. The so-called “the guarder and keeper, embracer and protector” state, had never been at the side of women. It did not because, a man can kill a woman, he can rape the woman, he can use violence however he wants. But a woman can never resist a man even if he tries to kill her, if he uses violence, she can’t defend her life. If she defends, she is “sentenced”, imprisoned like Çilem. But when a man kills a woman, he gets good time credit by wearing a tie, he gets out of jail in a couple of months. Isn’t this, what the man calls “justice” anyway?

Nevin was imprisoned as she killed the man who raped her for years, you know… At the end of the case which lasted for years, the court decision was declared as; “There is no self-defense” in the justice palace…

You see that Nevin, is our riot. That Nevin is the anger of all women who were imprisoned like Nevin. She’s our hope brimming over the jail walls. We don’t believe in the justice that lets them to “outlaw” and imprison us; rewarding the ones who use violence, and kill us!

We don’t except the imprisoning of the women who defend their lives. The women who killed not to be killed like Name, Çilem and Yasemin, will liberalize by the solidarity of women, not by the justice of the state.

The Women will not be Shut Down in Family, May the Ministery of Family and Social Policies be Shut Down!

The family is a value for man to strengthen his power, while it is a cell for woman where she is obliged to obey the man’s power. The subject is the woman whose ancestry connects to the man’s, who is forced to come into man’s possession, and who has to hold her horses to provide continuance of the family by marriage. It is the woman again who has to be a good mom to the kids, a good wife to the man, the “purity” of the family. But they call the man as “bread winner”. He wears the trousers and he is the rule maker in family, he is responsible for the purity of the family.

And the ministry of family and social policies, tells us, the women; “Marry and start a family, then we will decide your position in society under the roof of family.” as it befits its name. In other words, the state says “I can protect your interests only within the family.”, while conditioning women to marry and start a family by disregarding their selfness. Not only the amount of the children we will have, but also how should we behave as a woman is its matter as well.

You know Güllü, who was burnt at the stake by the guy she was married to… Güllü, who held on to life for 12 days along in the hospital where she was taken to, then we lost her…

So then, that Güllü is our riot. That Güllü is the anger we feel, after the women who are burnt at the stake. Güllü is our belief which will demolish the ministries of the state.

We are not obliged to serve the family which is a foundation to ensure the manhood’s continuity. We don’t except to be secluded in the family which turns patriarchy into a doctrine that holds women childminder and liable to their homes!

Our best response will be to shut down the ministry of family and social policies, which prevents the divorcements instead of homicides, always guarantees the man while abandoning the woman to violence and torture, paving the way for massacres.

May the Media Cannels Shut Down, They Make the Woman Invisible with the Misogynist Discourses!

Shut down the media channels that maintain the manhood’s existence on man’s side! Leave your news language which shows the women helpless and the men as system watchers on the news that media presents.

According to the news, we are being attacked because of our skirts or lipstick we wear. We are being killed, and according to the news, the men are either the victim of a sudden anger or aggrieved by divorcement. They want us just to be silent and watch, so just to be watcher and accept the discourse “That’s normal”. They want us only to wait by the fear of “when will be my turn”, making the eyes blind and the ears deaf. They want us to bear the growing fear even we know we will be under pressure, as it puts too much stress on us.

We become indispensable for the brands, advertisements when 8th March is upcoming. When we get out for action on 8th March, we are announced as “marginals” on headlines, and “victims” on third page news on 9th March.

It is we are again whom the party leaders insult by saying “I can’t know whether she is a woman or a girl.”; target by saying “Women and Men live together.” on the rostrum.

Keep beck the cameras that had greedily presented a libelous videotape named “Last Minutes Before She Died” about Şule Çet, who was tortured sexually in a plaza in Ankara and was killed by being thrown out of the 20th floor of plaza on the date of May 28th, and are chasing the clamors, sorrows instead of the press briefings during women cases.

Just before she was killed, Hande Kader told cameras; “You tape but you don’t air!”, you know… So, that Hande is our riot. That Hande is our anger that cameras had never taped and televisions had never aired!

Shut down all the media channels which cover the violence women face, raising the misogynism!

Sedition, Jealousy, Purity… Man has Many Excuses for Violence, Women Willnot Cover Their Body!

Woman’s body is prohibited for herself. Woman was advised to cover herself by both the order of religion, and the oppression of patriarchal society. In fact, the man exhibited his body everywhere. They say, “the property is in the square” for man. What is covered for woman, is uncovered for the man.

The shorts woman wear, is an excuse for the male violence. In this patriarchal system which doesn’t allow woman even how to wear, rape became “destiny” for the woman who uncovers her body.

Woman is subjected to torture through the rituals applied to the woman’s body, in the societies the patriarchy continued. The woman is ashamed of her body due to female circumcision, feed force, isolation.

That can’t be like this, that can’t go on like this for women. Each dress they put on us, each hand reaching our body by using our cloths as an excuse, each policy via our body, detaches us from our body we are in; we become imprisoned, blocked in our bodies.

There was Melisa, who was exposed to violence because of her shorts you know… The guy who attacked Melisa, he attacked her by saying; “Are you not ashamed of wearing this in Ramadan?”… That Melisa is our riot. That Melisa is the anger of any woman whose body is forced to cover like Melisa. It is the power for us to shiver the patriarchy.

We the women, will not be ashamed of our bodies, we will not hide our bodies by worrying not to let anyone to see. We won’t be covered by the men’s values, aggressions, mentality!

The Women Willnot Be Locked! The Patriarchy, The State and The Capitalism Will be Demolished!

Our comrade Emma Goldman used to say; “… there can be good demands but real emancipation begins neither in the ballot box or in court; it begins in woman spirit.” She believed that the women’s liberation could only be gained by the struggle of women and she knew the state would not set the women free. Emma trusted women would get their freedom by force form the state. We also don’t demand anything from the state. We see the patriarchy penetrated in the roots of the state and we want to annihilate it. We call all the women to get organized, struggle, and get our freedom by getting out of our cells we are locked in and outflow to the streets on November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Anarchist Women

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