international solidarity campaign for Russian Anarchist comrades

Greetings, comrades! We will be grateful for help in disseminating
information about repressions against anarchists in Russia and about the
international solidarity campaign

On February 5-12, an international week of solidarity with Russian
anarchists took place. 21 actions against repression were joined by 21
Russian cities and a large number of foreign comrades, from Belarus to
the US and Canada Information materials, leaflets, graffiti and stencils
were distributed, banners were posted informing about repressions
against anarchists. Actions were held in Kaliningrad, Altai, Kursk,
Novosibirsk, Samara , Kemerovo, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don,
Izhevsk, Penza, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nakhodka, Chelyabinsk and
Pickets informing about the terror of the FSB against anarchists were
held in Yekaterinburg, Kandalaksha, Tomsk, Sochi, Moscow, St.
Petersburg, Saratov.
In Samara, an evening of solidarity was organized. Visitors were told
about repressions against anarchists and about the basic rules of
conspiracy. After that,  the film “Sacco and Vanzetti” was shown, the
story of these people clearly demonstrates all the inhumanity and
uselesness of the state system and the methods that it has used, to this
day, to suppress any protests. In Moscow, an unauthorized march of
anarchists against the lawlessness of the FSB also took place. Several
dozen people blocked Myasnitskaya – one of the central streets adjacent
to the Lubyanka, where the main FSB department is located. They passed
along it with the banner “FSB is the main terrorist.”
Solidarity actions were also held in other countries.
In Belarus, anarchists distributed leaflets informing about the
persecution of Russian anarchists.
In Lutsk, Ukraine, there were also grafitti in solidarity with Russian
Actions of solidarity took place in Warsaw, Gdansk (Poland) and Prague
(Czech Republic)
In Prague, Czech Republic, a concert was held in support of repressed
Russian anarchists. At the concert  information was spread about
repressions in Russia and money was raised for the Anarchist Black
Cross, which provides assistance to political prisoners. Also
fundraising was carried out in Estonia at concerts of musical groups
Ognemöt, Adrestia and Prophets V in Tallinn and Tartu.
Also, an event to inform about repression in Russia and fund-raising was
held in Budapest, Hungary.
In France, a solidarity dinner was held, the funds from which were
directed to support the Russian anarchists.
Also, many solidarity events took place in the United States. So, in
Minneapolis there was an evening of solidarity, in Brooklyn – a film
show. Antifascist online store from Portland spread information about
repression and raised money to support the repressed anarchists. In
Kansas, a street demonstration was held in support of Russian
anarchists. In New York, a picket took place at the Russian consulate.
Also, representatives of the Revolutionary Abolitionist movement from
New York expressed solidarity.
Solidarity action was held in Toronto, Canada. Anarchists held a picket
on the most crowded square in the city, informing passers-by about
repressions in Russia.

The week of solidarity was held in solidarity with Russian anarchists,
subjected to repression by the FSB. In the fall of 2017, the FSB
arrested six anarchists from Penza. The reason for the arrest was that
all the six played airsoft, which was regarded by the secret services as
a training for the overthrow of state power. Weapons were implanted to
the detainees, they were accused of organizing a terrorist community.
For months, the detainees were daily tortured and beaten until they
agreed to slander themselves. They were hung upside down, beaten,
tortured with electric shockers. In January 2018, several anarchists
were kidnapped in St. Petersburg. Two suspects and one witness were
seized, all of them were tortured. One of the detainees for this purpose
was taken to the forest near the city. Another detainee was tortured for
more than a day. Only officially the interrogation lasted a day – from
three o’clock in the morning until three o’clock in the morning.
Although one of the suspects and the witness made a statement about the
torture, their statements were not checked by the state authorities.
The FSB is announcing plans for arrests on the fabricated case of a
terrorist group of two dozen anarchists in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Penza
and Belarus.

Also in the Crimea, special services detained a local anarchist and
social activist Yevgeny Karakashev. The reason for the detention is the
active participation of Eugene in the social struggle of the inhabitants
of the peninsula. On the day of the arrest, the Mayor of Evpatoria met
with protesters against point-building and made a hint about possible
arrests. The reason for the arrest was Yevgeny’s correspondence in a
group chat in social networks.
Immediately after the end of the week of actions in support of Russian
anarchists, repressions were continued in Moscow. On February 13, early
in the morning, an anarchist Elena Gorban was arrested. In violation of
all norms, the lawyer was not admitted to Elena for several hours until
she agreed to admit guilt in the pogrom of the office of the ruling
Russian party, “United Russia”. On the same day, anarchist Alexei
Kobaidze was detained and arrested for the same charge. The reason for
the arrests was an unauthorized demonstration in Moscow against the FSB
terror. Early in the morning, before the appearance of information in
the media and the Internet about the arrests of anarchists, the
pro-government telegram channels published a video of detention and a
message that  anarchists taking part in the demonstration had been
detained in Moscow. The investigators who questioned Elena also asked
her about the demonstration although the detainees were charged with the
pogrom of United Russia, and not participation in the demonstration.
The action against United Russia:
After the arrest, actions of solidarity were continued in Russia. In
Chelyabinsk, anarchists placed a banner near the FSB  building and threw
a smoke bomb to its territory. And in the suburbs of Moscow, a
mobilising raid was held in solidarity with the repressed anarchists.

We are calling upon everybody to continue the solidarity campaign!

وەڵامێک بنووسە

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