Changing the name of Kurdistan Anarchist Forum to Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum


Kurdistan Anarchist Forum (KAF) formed in 2005, until now it has been recognised by this name.  The word ‘Kurdistan’ caused so many questions from different comrades and friends and from many places and organisations. We were asked why ‘Kurdistan’ ? We, therefore, wrote some clarification in the form of ‘FAQ about KAF’ to explain and clarify our position that when we say ‘Kurdistan’ nothing to do with “nationalism” or “Patriotic”.  In fact using ‘Kurdistan’ was only to reflect the place of our activates as we explained in our ‘FAQ about KAF’.


In  order to avoid any more confusion and for clarity, we as (KAF) comrades thought it is better to changing the name to (Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum) but still remain as (KAF).


Just to let all our comrades and friends know, From now on our letters, announcements and publicities will be under the name of Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum (KAF)


With Solidarity

Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum (KAF)

1st Sep 2016