Yes for Autonomous Self Administration .. Yes for Direct Democracy

Yes for Autonomous Self Administration
Yes for Direct Democracy

Kurdistan Anarchists forum supports creation of people’s self-determination in Bakur (‌North of Kurdistan in Turkey) by all means, but in the meantime we oppose and reject war and arm struggle to achieve this. Simply because in that war, state and its warmongers will win and consequently the people’s struggle and their achievement be defeated which will results in a long-term hopelessness and disappointment?

The announcement of people’s democratic self-administered as an alternative to oppressive Turkey state is a progressive and revolutionary step which deserves solidarity and support from all libertarians (freedom lovers). But using arm struggle and military action to achieve that aim, is a sever mistake. In order to prevent war and military action which empowers dirty plan of State’s Army warmongers, it is essential to rely on People’s social movement to avoid abolition of  the movement and should not  allowed to be a ground of fighting between the army forces to reverse  the self administration of people and its demands and achievements.

Kurdistan Anarchists Forum (KAF)

وەڵامێک بنووسە

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