I need your solidarity

My name is (Yousif Mohaamed Ali), born in 1997. From my childhood beside my normal school studying, I started an Islamic study course with one of our religious neighbour until year 2002.


After my father’s death, I was in year 10 and I decided to leave my school and join full time Islamic Studying school (Hujra / Madrasa) until 2009.

After few months I realized that Islam nothing can provide to human and human being except destruction, killing, division, deterring, suppressing, and trouble making. For that, I left my religious study and came back to my father’s route, who was non-believer (atheist) and he never asked or punished me why I chose and practice Islam. When neighbour and family friends asked him about our different views on religion & Islam, he always replied with freedom in choice & thinking. At the same time I understood Islam never taught me about freedom of thinking except the principle of (with me or my enemy), which Islam and religion are based on.

In September 2009 I decided to go back to high school and continue on my study in my town (Darbandikhan). During this year in our school we had a scientific event and I participated with a lecture on (Big Bang theory). During my lecture few from my religious class mates were within audience. When they found from my views on nature that I am not anymore believe in religion, later they started with threatening and raised (Fatwa ) to kill me, but due to my reaction with reporting the group to local security and (whistle blowing) their secrets to local authority, they stopped chasing and hassling me.

During 2009/2010 I started to publish my comments, experience, and rejection of Islam in Face Book, some of my friends and followers were encouraged, supported and credited me, and some of my previous religious class mates started to attack me and categorised me as an (Infidel).

On night 3rd of December 2014 a member of the Islamic group, his name is (Halo Hakeem) threatened me with death, and he tried to implement my assassination plan during same night, because they know I will continue on my anti-religion activities.

To stop their plan, I called one of my friends who was working with local government security organisation in our town. I was advised by my friend to do not get out from my house when the terrorist knock my door, and keep in touch with him & local security if they approach my house. All these communications were happened between (1 to 4 am) at the same night.

For the following date I received another threatening message from same person, and I went to local police station, and reported to the police. During reporting my case, same terrorist attended to police station and he tried to attack me, but the police officers stopped him.

Day after we went to court, but the judge was a member of one of the Islamic groups, and he did not take the case seriously in purpose. At the same day at 6 PM they managed to find my non-published scientific articles under the title (Is science fit with Quran?), they printed and handed them in high court in (Darbadikhan). Later high court decided to prison me. Same day in two hours time, three police cars came and surrounded our house. They took me to the main prison and later to the court again, and the judge humiliated me by attacking me with his non-professional & non-legal words & phrases. The outcome of the court was 15 months prison.

Police took me to an individual cell for 6 days and they isolated me from my family and other contacts until they transferred me to main prison in (Sulaimani). We tried with Darbadikhan court to release me on bail, the judge did not agree and he extended my prison time from 15 to 22 months.

Responding to the courts outcomes, activist and intellectual campaigned under the name (No for ISIL rule/law in Kurdistan), they managed to collect 500 signatures for my release. Under public pressure they released me on bail after finishing 17 months of my prison time.

After my release in prison, the activist directed my case to (Kurdistan Human Right) to engage with high court in Darbanikhan to close the case, but the judge was insisted on his previous judgement and (KHR) was told that I am infidel and should be punished further.

Following this, we approached (Kurdistan Parliament) in Erbil, we handed the case, unfortunately they did not respond for 50 days. Later we approached (UN) in Kurdistan to protect me. They sent somebody, and interviewed me. After one month they replied and I was advised that they can not help me. After UN’s feedback, on 22nd of Feb 2015 I started with strike in front of (Sulaimani Parliament) for one week, also they did not do anything for me.

Now, depending on court’s schedule, I must attend the court on July 13th 2015. Depending on my layer’s information, the assigned judge for my case is religious person and affiliated with one of the Islamic Groups in Kurdistan. Depending on my layers experience & information per article 372 in our local law which mostly Islamic based law, I will face 2 years and 9 months prison.

Currently I am in a small village far from family and friends, waiting for worst outcome and fate. I hope you have few minutes time to read this message and put yourself in my position. I NEED your help please, before religious & their barbaric law can distroy me. I tried to see the head of (UN) in Kurdistan few times since, but they did not facilitate to see him, and they responded with different reasons/excuses.

Please help me and lend me because non of Kurdish parties are up to do anything for me.

With best regards

Yusuf Mohammad Ali 2-4-2105.

وەڵامێک بنووسە

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