We are winning in Kobanê Today, and in All Kurdistan Tomorrow!

It’s been 130 days, the heart of Rojava Revolution was beating in Kobanê.

It’s been 130 days, people were resisting for life with their self-organization and will.

It’s been 130 days, women were growing the struggle for freedom.

It’s been 130 days, and it’s not only in Kobanê or Suruç; everyone and everywhere in this region wasrising up. The borders were being demolished and solidarity was uniting everyone.

It’s been 130 days, Kobanê was growing hope, not only against ISIS; but against the states of Asad, EU and Tc, and against the media that pumped despair saying “Kobanê is about to fall!”, against capitalism and the state.

It’s been 130 days, the resisting peoples were becoming free.

Kobanê was resisting for 130 days against borders that divided lives, against murderers that destroyed lives, the gangs created by states. The free lands of Kobanê was growing the resistance, blossoming hope, becoming a new life.

Today, after months of battles, countless lives lost in attacks of the state and gangs, the victory of resistance growing with the rage against the murderers is echoing all around the region. The victory of resistance is rising today from Miştenur Hill and Mekteba Reş and Memite and Kaniya Kurda.

Today, the gangs that the states created for their interests are running away though the ruins they are leaving behind in Kobanê. While the victory of resistance is echoing in the free streets of Kobanê, the conviction of freedom is rising above the same ruins in the streets. Like comrade Durutti says, “We are not in the least afraid of ruins”. Today and tomorrow, in Kobanê and many other places, we know that a new life is being created among the ruins.

Biji Serketina Kobane!

Long Live to Kobane Victory!

DAF- Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet

وەڵامێک بنووسە

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