nterview with a Ukrainian anarcho-communist “Anarchists have become the main obstacle to anarchy”

France, Alternative Libertaire AL #243 – Interview with a Ukrainian anarcho-communist “Anarchists have become the main obstacle to anarchy” (fr, pt) [machine translation]

Date Sat, 22 Nov 2014 11:34:16 +0200

Donetsk, a city in south-eastern Ukraine was the scene of clashes between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian population. A libertarian communist activist who lives there and campaigning gives us some tools to understand what forces and the reasons for the weakness of the libertarian movement. —- What is the situation in Ukraine? —- Life continues with two parallel realities: people continue their daily life, with children around, with the same place of the dead, violence, hatred. The division of society grows stronger every day. It is a political revolution of the national bourgeoisie in the context of civil war and ill-disguised Russian intervention. —- What is the social composition of the protesters Southeast and those of Maidan? —- Maidan and separatist South East does not greatly differ from one another. Both bring together a variety of social classes, intellectuals, employees, contractors, rural, students, lumpenproletariat, former military… All become hostages and puppets economic clans.

Maidan people have the power of new oligarchs, and the people of Southeast ensure the order of the family of deposed President Yanukovych and his master’s in Moscow. All this rhetoric is flavored with nationalism. With the result of bloody wounds and anger for decades. In fact, the enemy is the Kremlin, the Capitol and the Bundestag. Leaders Maidan as the separatist leaders are fractions of the national bourgeoisie and its radical elements.

In the East, they scare people with Pravyi Sektr (“Sector Law”) and the call to fight fascism, as they are inspired by the imperial fascism of the Russian nation. In Donetsk, according to their logic, you have the choice between being Russian or be a fascist. For a Ukrainian word, you are beaten or killed. It happened at Maidan and it happens now in the Southeast.

What about the referendum of May 11 [1]?

This is a referendum marked by its polling without observers and under the watchful eye of masked person. It was a farce is part of a strategy aimed at creating popular independent republics, and then apply for admission in the Russian Federation. But there is a lot of people from Donetsk and its region who favor a united Ukraine. The separatists are better organized, have better administrative resources and support from the neighboring state, that’s all.

Do you think that there are Russian experts in the Southeast?

I do not think, I can confirm. And many of them are in training bases in the Donetsk and Lugansk, where groups of 400 to 500 local volunteers and Russia are coached by military instructors direction. (…) The majority of people who are fighting under the flag of the separatists are local, ordinary workers or military veterans. But a significant number and authoritative is trained volunteers who organize the Russian process. Supplies, weapons and money from Russia. The current head of government of the self-proclaimed “People’s Republic” in Donetsk Boroday strategist appointed by the Kremlin administration.

Will it a possibility that the protests turn into a social revolution?

For now, this is an unlikely scenario. A social revolution is possible only in the presence of two factors: a massive demand for radical change and the political organization of the revolutionary wing anarchists, who will be able to defend the change process.

In reality, there is no demand for a social revolution. The only change is conceived within a political framework. And even those timid shoots anti-autoritaritarisme that may have arisen, as they are not supported by a strong anti-authoritarian revolutionary organization will be destroyed by the political agenda of the bourgeois and nationalist parties.

What are the prospects for anarchists in the current context?

The main problem of the anarchist movement is the lack of an anarchist organization. The anarchists were unable to use the situation because they were captives of anti-organizational illusions.

The organization is an incubator, a school, a mutual aid society and a productive platform for ideas and projects; but most importantly, it is a tool for the realization of ideas, it is an instrument of influence and control instrument. It can not be replaced by peer groups.

Anarchists today as in 1917, missed the opportunity to be influential in the process. The RKAS [2] claiming anarchist Makhno reformist platform has survived many crises, was involved in the miners’ strike, and had several long-term projects, but were not without quarrels and divisions internal.

We can remember the anti-electioneering splitting the RKAS the Mezhdunarodnyj Souz Anarkhistov [3] in Donetsk. The separatists argued the alleged authoritarianism RKAS. Once freed from the “dictatorship of organizational office RKAS” which was to go into the mines and factories, the newspaper spread anarchy, and discuss with the unions and cooperatives, and was building a “black guard” self-disciplined, they showed their strategic and ideological capacity pasting posters made by hand, with the message “Do not go to elections, eat vegetables. “

All attempts to build the organization through the RKAS project resulted in a crusade against “authoritarianism and extremism.” Finally, anarchists have become the main obstacle to anarchy. I used this paradox to bring your attention to this old disease “anti-corporate” destructive and irresponsible (…). Perhaps the RKAS reborn taking into account all the errors and modernizing; we can create something new. (…) We will not give up and we do not disappear.

In what are you involved in now?

Unfortunately, I can not tell you everything. Otherwise, a lot of good people and I have multiple problems, and we have a lot of project in the future. RKAS officially was dissolved, but its core has shifted in illegal actions.

This is a summary, reshaped by Jacques Dubart, interview an activist RKAS – Revolutionary Confederation of anarchist-syndicalists – available on anarkismo.net translated text published in English on August 9

[1] 1. As a reminder, it is the self determination referendum in Donetsk which has “asked” for unification with Russia.

[2] International Confederation anarchist association.

[3] International Union of Anarchists.
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