The Revolt in Seattle ( US)

The Revolt in Seattle ( US)


“Throughout the past weeks, in the midst of Black Lives Matter protests, Seattle has seen violent clashes as the police, and the National Guard attacked protesters in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. However, the clashes seem to have inspired self-organization in the area which finally lead to the formation of a police-free, community lead territory known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. As the protesters constructed barricades around the perimeter of the newly proclaimed autonomous zone and erected signs containing messages such as “You are now entering free Capitol Hill“ (which seems to be visibly inspired by the mural thats stands at the entrance of a self-declared autonomous nationalist area of Derry, Northern Ireland, that existed between 1969 and 1972) , “People’s republic of Capitol Hill“, “No-cop co-op“ and alike, the Zone caught the public eye and caused an avalanche of various responses on social media.”