As the Young Workers Association

As the Young Workers Association, we were at the crisis rally in Bakırköy with our slogans, black flags and rebellion. Last week we have distributed leaflets, made posters on the walls in different parts of the city. To raise the anger of the oppressed ones.

We’re the ones who can’t buy pants for our kids. We’re the ones who can’t afford to pay the bills. We work 14 hours a day with minimum wage. We’re the ones who haven’t been paid for 4 months. We’re the ones who can’t pay the rent. We are the ones whose lifes are stolen. We are the oppressed ones. They won’t give us the right. We will get. They won’t give us our bread. We will get. They will not give justice. We will get. They won’t give freedom. We will get. Victory is won on the street with struggle.

We will never give up the struggle against capitalism, which is itself a crisis, as it is today. We will continue to shout that all bosses are thieves. This fight is not just today’s fight. Now it’s time to fight. As long as the powers exist, as long as capitalism exists, this fight will continue. We will continue our fight with our black flag against injustice everywhere.



الاتحاد المصري للنقابات المستقلة يتضامن مع مطالب المعلمين — تضامـــن

الإتحاد المصرى للنقابات المستقلة تضامنا مع مطالب المعلمين العادلة والمشروعة ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ إيمانا من الإتحاد المصرى للنقابات المستقلة بعدالة المطالب التى أعلنها المعلمون المصريون منذ بدء حركتهم الإحتجاجية والتى تهدف إلى إصلاح أحوال المعلمين المعيشية والمهنية خاصة وأن تحقيق هذه المطالب سوف ينعكس أثره على كل بيت مصرى بعد إعلان المعلمين عن إستعدادهم لتجريم الدروس الخصوصية […]

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