Young Workers Association’s in the streets in May Day

We are young workers from shopping malls, cafes’, bars, restaurants, fast food shops, and other working places. We are waiters, clerks, carriers, cleaners, stand stuff… We are young workers in service sector. We are workers exploited with the fastness and the intense of the work of capitalist system.

This May Day, we were in the streets as a selforganisation to shout our rebel. We were in the street to remind May Day is not a celebration but a day to fight. A fight against capitalism, exploitation, bosses, mobbings for justice, for our lives and for freedom.

We came together behind our pancard “Full-time struggle, for not to live part-time”. We shout our anger against bosses, chefs, administrators as ” Bosses are in palaces, young workers are in the streets.” With our halays, with our marches; we show our strength and passion in the struggle of bread, justice, freedom.

We have to unite. We are in everywhere, but we are seperated. We are producing service. We are not servants of capitalism, we are workers in service sector. We know who invent this system; the ones who want rich to prevent his position and forced poor ones to be in the same position.

Now is the time to organise. Now is the time to remind the sturggle of the anarchist workers who started the fire in Haymarket in 1886. Now is the time for the young workers fight against capitalist system.

Young Workers Association (GİDER)