A Report from (Kurdistan Anarchist Forum) about the events and the present situation in different parts of Kurdistan to the Tenth Congress of the IFA

A Report from (Kurdistan Anarchist Forum) about the events and the present situation in different parts of Kurdistan to the Tenth Congress of the IFA



KAFs activities continuous in translating, clarifying anarchist idea and publishing anarchism in Kurdish-Sorani language. We feel that our responsibilities  getting more and more difficult.

Bashur: Iraqi part of Kurdistan

° A part of Iraq and Kurdistan are still occupied by the Isis, liberating them depends on the plans and satisfaction of the US and its allies.

° From June 2014 to end of 2015 there was an independent mass movement in the towns and the cities that later on fell under control of Isis. As soon as the Isis invaded them the protesters became the victims of Isis brutality. However, from the beginning of 2016 the similar movement appeared and still continuous in the towns and cities were under control of Iraqi central government especially Baghdad. Although this movement is not self organised but steps towards radicalisation.

we heard in Mid and South of Iraq there are individuals  and anarchist groups but unfortunately so far we have not had a chance to find them and make a contact.  Hopefully the opportunity will be coming up to meet them to support each other in this difficult time &  situation that Iraq goes through.

° From 2015 to present the protests in Kurdistan, the part under control of KRG are on rise but have not achieved its demands. The police, Peshmarga, security forces, the retired people and pensioners have been taken part in the protests. After occupying Shangal and Ezidins massacre by Isis in Aug 2014 to the end of last year every a few months KRG only paid the wage/salary to its employees. However, from beginning of this year the people work in public sectors just gets around third of their salary. In the meantime KRG cut off the benefit of disable people.

° The Demos and public meetings are suppressed especially in Erbil, the KRG capital.

° Local groups and social network are emerging and on rise.

° The reformist group, so called, The Movement For Change (Goran) split from the Patriotic Kurdistan of Union (PUK) in 2006. However in May of this year they got closer to each other. They agreed on a few major points to work together to improve their relationship to do some reforms. We predict this agreement between them is the first step towards unity. Although this agreement between them has disappointed many people from both sides, but in the meantime many more realised that the political parties and their leaders cannot be trusted.

° from 2015 to 2016 there were so many long strike by the teachers. And also from time to time there were short period strike by hospital staff and workers. But the strike did not become a serious issue for the workers in the private sectors. Most of the private sectors have been owned by the politicians, political parties and their leaders. The KRG never had a plan to improve the agriculture in Kurdistan, instead it destroyed it. The KRG mainly is more concerning about Oil, Gas Cement and Tobacco.

During the demos and protests there was some sort of attempts that made for general strike in whole Kurdistan. While the teachers, workers and the rest of public sectors were not self-organised but affiliated to one of the political parties so that the demos and protests failed to have major impact on the situation.

° At the present many people are supporting anarchism and the numbers of people who contact us are on rise. There is a hope in near future that the independent radical local groups emerge. We as anarchists support the individuals and also working on translating the events and experiments around to Kurdish language. We are hoping building these local groups can be the basis of future movements. Obviously this task demands more work and serious struggle.

° We are writing in the Kurdish Websites and social networks about the importance of working collectively and the cooperative economy, and Ecology issue, [Individual freedom, Women liberation, children right, antiracism, anti-sexism, fascism and chauvinism]. We argue about self efficiency in economy in order to be independent. We also involve in discussion about anarchist education, culture, people self-rule, rejecting the political parties, its militias and the state and its rule.

Rojhalat , Iranian part of Kurdistan

° Rojhalat of Kurdistan like elsewhere in Iran has invaded by the Islamic regime. The Kurdish people have been deprived from being educated by their own language and enjoying their own culture. There has been no freedom of expression in Iran and the regime is continuing suppressing and oppressing whoever arises against the regime. The unemployment, poverty, increasing the price of the daily necessities is the real issues for the majority of people in Iran.

Due to above issues many people have immigrated to industrialised cities in Iran or to Bashur, Iraqi part of Kurdistan. Some of those people who have immigrated to Bashur engaged in smuggling stuff/goods on the borders from Iran to Iraq and vies versa. Obviously, immigrating the worker from Iran to Bashur like any other immigrants in Iraq have deprived of human and worker rights, like, discrimination, low paid, difficulties in renewing their residence document and they live in the worse condition and high rent accommodations. They also face racism.

° There are mass movements of ecology/environment and protecting animal right in Rojhalat. There are also many active groups, like, women right, children right, human right and the group of prisoners. These groups are radical and are getting bigger.

° The unions in whole Iran are very active in the cities and towns. They try to be independent of leftist organisations.

° In the end of 2015 a “Kurdistan anarchist movement” appeared and announced itself in facebook as a movement. Later on they changed their name to “Kurdistan anarchist organisation”. It seems to us they are lack of experience and their activities just strict on internet. They do not have much anarchist background or knowledge about anarchism . They look like radical leftists, centralist an ideological. We do not know how many they are exactly, but look like they are not many. We are aware that there are anarchist activities outside of them but mainly working and remaining as individual.

In Rojhalat, like any other activity, anarchist activities are not allowed and the paying price is executing for whoever involves in activity, so that the anarchist movement can only appear as an individual activist and doing some sort of publicity.

The above mentioned origination/group has appeared very centralist . In our opinion this is a sort of illness among a few of Persian speakers responsible of announcing and ordering people through the facebook to do this and that. The idea and activities of these people are closer to the leftist centralist and hierarchical organisation rather than anarchist and anarchism. The same statement that Malatesta at the time used it for “Bolshevistic anarchist” applies to these Kurdish and Iranian comrades.

We see that among the Iranian Comrades in Europe, there is a wave of anarko-leftist- Marxist. Whether it is deliberate or not, these comrades are selling out leftists and Marxists idea under the name of anarchism. There is a background for this type of thinking. Ten years ago a group of people announced themselves and claimed as “Anarcho-Marxist”.

Rojava, Syrian part of Kurdistan

Liberating of Kobane was a starting point for building a diplomatic and military relationship between US, its allies on one side and the Kurdish forces on the other side. This warm relationship caused confusion among the Kurdish people

° From the very beginning we were against this relationship and cooperation between the Democratic Self Administrations (DSA) in Rojava and US & its allies. There is a possibility of using this relationship by Rojava as a tactic or might have been a matter of desperation but we felt worry and sceptical about it because the US and its allies have serious intention to move their projects of economy, health, social and education following their military cooperation to Rojava.

° To support the state of Turkey against Rojava the KRG from time to time closes the entire borders. The most recent one was happened this year between March and June . It lasted almost for 3 months. In addition, for about a year the KRG asking Rojava forces“ YPG/J HPG “ to leave Bashur and its borders. Even after opening the borders in June is still very hard for people in Rojava to receive medicines, foods and the humanitarian aid. The KRG also using blockade against Qandil Mountain, the headquarters of PKK.

° The KRG actively supports its Kurdish allies political parties (ANKS) against the Rojava Cantons. These Kurdish political parties continuously are in conspiracy against Rojava Cantons .

° In May of this year one of our comrades wanted to go to Rojava, but all the borders were closed so that he could not make it. While we do not have a regular contact from Rojava all the news we have about Rojava are received from different channels.

Anarchists in Rojava

As far as we know there is no anarchist groups call themselves anarchist in Rojava but there are individual anarchists. We think it may be not necessary for them to have groups under anarchist name because there is opportunity for a kind of anarchist activity.



Bakur, Turkey part of Kurdistan

° A few months ago a few self-administration announced in Bakur (Geverê, Nisêbîn, Cezîre, Silopî , Serd, Veranşar, ) then the street fighting started. This has given the perfect excuse to State of Turkey to destroy most of the historical places. This has pushed more people to involve in demonstrations and protests.

We are from very beginning criticising them in both announcing the Self-Rule and the army struggle. In our opinion the self -Rule has to cover every aspect of the community life and extending to many places. And also this should have formed from the assembly of people not by making announcement from the politicians and people in power. We believe that the arm struggle against the State of Turkey in the towns and cities are not in the interest of the existing social movement. It is not just achieving anything, in fact it has caused losing many of the achievements that PKK gained during the peace process in the last couple years. The army struggle given a perfect excuse to Erdogan to stop peace process and starting war again. Erdogan and his political party AKP know very well starting war with PKK is the best way to divert the social movement to an army struggle. Erdogan knows the army straggle is the way to get support from so called “international community” and make PKK less popular and finally forcing them to meet his demands.

In Bakur , more than the other parts of Kurdistan to certain extent the social movement there are anarchist idea. last year this idea appeared in different forms, for instance: as a group, as website and anarchist magazine issued under the name (Qijka Reş), and there are other anarchist groups in Bakur, like (Kurdistan Anarşist Komünizm Hareketi), Anarşîstên Kurdistan Komunîstên Anarko , DİYARBAKIR ANARŞİST TEAM [D.A.T], Anarşîstên Kurdistan Kulmên Reş , Kurdıstan Anarchism , Anarchy in Kurdistan , Support Anarchists in Rojava, West-Kurdistan , Kurdistan Anarşi , Kollektîfa Anarşisten Kurdistan – Bahdîn and also in German there is anarchist Kurds speakers group.


Although so many anarchist groups are exist in Bakur but we do not know their popularities, their daily activities and the other struggle they are involved because our contacts with them only have been through internet . Only once a few years ago we met the comrades of Magazine of (Qijka Reş) and knew them closely.

KAF                01.08.2016


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