call for International solidarety with autonomies revolts in Egypt and neighbour countries

Dear Comrades,

As you know people’s revolt in Egypt, Yamen, Jordan, Algeria and Morocco are facing a vicious attack from the Governments thugs and secret police especially after the Demo on 01-02-11 by one million people in Tahrir Square. Now there are clashes and fighting between people, in fact, there is a war between the demonstrator and the Anti demonstrators that supported by Mubarak’s Regime including police in the plain clothes and the secret police.

The Regime in Egypt has over one million solders, a few hundred thousands of police and also a large number of spies who are working in the Intelligent service. The plain clothes police have been been unleashed by the Mubarak regime to fight back the democratic demo in the Tahrir Square.
The uprising has reached its crucial point while there is no sign for Mubarak to step down. His thugs are creating blood bath today where many demonstrators have been killed and injured. So the demonstrator need help, support and solidarity more than ever. we call all the Anarchists, libertarians and left-wing groups to offer their support and solidarity by putting enormous pressure on the Embassy of Egypt, Yamen, Jordan, Syria, Morocco, Libya and Saudi Arabia..

It is important and our duty to stand together shoulder to shoulder with people in the Middle East and North Africa against their brutal regimes. Their struggle is not just against their own Regimes. In fact they are fighting against US, European governments and capitalism. Their victory will be a step forward towards total victory against the brutal world capitalism.

We salute the people in Egypt who dared, to stand up for their rights and freedom!

صدای آنارشیسم-Anarchists from Iram
Kurdistan Anarchists Forum

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